Life Purpose Academy is a network private schools based on a Christian ethos and catering for students from Grade 1 to Grade 12.

It aims to transform the lives of the children and communities in rural areas of South Africa by building and managing quality private schools at a competitive price.

We focus on developing the life skills necessary to unlock our students’ unique personal potential and to nurture creative thinkers with the confidence to become servant leaders. This is done through the provision of a Christian values-based and quality education that emphasises creativity, innovation and critical thinking skills.

We believe in servant leadership, purposeful driven, inspiring individuals, and equipping our girls and boys to thrive in their communities.

Life Purpose Academy Private Schools report to the Life Purpose Academy Group which build and manage the schools in order to ensure objectives are met.


Our vision is to build and manage a network of high quality cost effective private schools across the rural areas of South Africa.


Life Purpose Academy develops the life skills and abilities required to survive in this changing environment and equip learners with independent thinking abilities and confidence to thrive. This is done through the quality education that is relevant in our country and the world.


These values form the foundation of Life Purpose Academy ethical code which is embedded in the code of conduct and ethics as well as related policies and procedures.

Through these values Life Purpose Academy schools aims to create a balanced space in which learners can learn and grow to be servant leaders who will serve their communities and the country they live in.

  • Christian ethics and morals

    Display quality of human behavior in the light of Christian revelation.

  • Self-discipline

    Correcting own behaviour

  • Passion

    We believe that passion leads you to your purpose. We are committed to working and learning together towards the development of servant leaders who will be agents of change in the 21st Century and beyond.

  • Respect

    Being able to respect self, teachers and staff, and being considerate of other people’s feelings and rights

  • Creative thinking

    Being able to look at things differently and to think outside the box.

  • Integrity

    Being honest and truthful and display moral principles

  • Responsibility

    Take accountability for your actions and behavior


Life Purpose Academy strategic intent is to produce servant leaders who have the heart of a servant, purpose driven leaders who know and understand their purpose, leaders who are responsible, ethical and have willingness to serve.

Life Purpose Academy aim to develop and prepare learners to be the future leaders of this country by teaching them the value of serving and living a purposeful life.

Our Offerings

  • Bible based values
  • Balanced academics that cater for learner’s personal development
  • Sports and Culture
  • Small focused classes (ratio 1:30)
  • Meditation
  • Safe and Quality school environment where learner’s can thrive
  • Skilled and qualified teachers who are constantly trained to offer good and progressive education.
  • Teachers who are trained to support learners to follow their passion and purpose
  • Coaching and Mentorship
  • Transport
  • Uniform


Nellie Ndlovu

The Founder and CEO is Nellie Ndlovu who has been in the corporate environment for 23 years serving in different leadership positions. She discovered her purpose whilst doing her MBA through Henley Business School. She holds a National Diploma and a Degree in Human Resources from the University of South Africa. Post Grad in Business Management from Wits Business School and is currently completing her MBA at Henley Business School. She has done different leadership programs that equipped her to lead diverse teams and operate at a strategic level.

The Principal

School Principal

The Teachers