LPA is divided into 3 Sections: Junior Prep, Snr Prep and High School.
These sections are housed in different houses called Red House, Blue house and White House.

Welcome to Junior Preparatory

Junior Prep

The Junior Prep at Life Purpose Academy is a happy place but busy at the same time. Here kids are encouraged to dream and live in that dream. Teachers are also encouraged to support the dreams of the learners. Our junior prep is from Grade 1 phasing in up to grade 3.

Junior Prep is allocated in a RED House. The fact that it’s called The Red house is because Junior Preparatory is an energised, lively environment where children are encouraged to ask questions and be more creative. Teachers are nurturing, full of energy and are encouraged to believe in the kids dream.

At this stage we believe that it is an important stage in the children’s development as it shapes the adult in them. This is where learning takes place, relationships are formed and character is build. This is where our values are instil to ensure that kids grow and become good citizens of this country.

We also believe that kids are kids and they want to play hence our learning recognise that playing is an essential component of childhood, therefore we work within a playful context that motivates and engages our children, giving them a voice and developing their confidence.

Junior Prep is a vibrant place with lots of colours and play area to develop the kids mental abilities whilst developing their body strength through our physical activities.

Welcome to Senior Preparatory

Senior Prep

The Senior Preparatory phase is from Grade 4 phasing in up to Grade 7. Our kids are allowed to think and reason and their views are respected.

At this stage the learning becomes more structured and formalised to cater for children’s growth. The core subjects of Mathematics, English and the additional languages remain a key focus, while aspects of the other traditional school subjects are incorporated into a cross-curricular programme.  This is where homework is encouraged and formalised assessments are done.

Children are challenged through different projects and team work and taught leadership and entrepreneurial skills. We also offer different ranges of sports and cultural activities in order to excite and bring interest to our kids. Numerous opportunities are provided to children who portray consistent specific skills.


LPA High

Life Purpose Academy High school is from grade 8 phasing in up to Grade 12. This is where our future leaders are born and allowed to flourish. Our teachers, coaches and mentors provide strong pastoral care and leadership skills.

Learners are allocated a mentor and a coach who support them through the high school journey and keep them focus on their academic work whilst pursuing their purpose and passion as they discover who they are in this world.

Life Purpose Academy High believes in building and developing a learner to a whole rounded person spiritually, academically, physically , culturally within the caring and supporting school environment.

Our learners are prepared to transit from high school to university and to the world and be able to cope with whatever the world is throwing at them.


Life Purpose Academy schools are one of a kind with their classic English grand design which creates the environment of excellence.

The design of the school buildings has a contemporary English farm feel. The school has big trees where kids can sit around and read whilst chatting with their friends.

The design caters for a farmyard and animals on the academy will include cows and goats.

Children are privileged to be in a relaxed, natural learning environment as part of their daily educational activities.

The school environment is characterised by rural charm and with a farm ethos and atmosphere, where natural learning is the order of the day.

The 1st school is under construction in the area of Kwa Makhanya Umhlabuyalingana Municipality. The school will take 4 years to complete.

Learn more about our development plans here.

Phase One
Phase 1

Phase One is the building of the Main entrance with a security house, parking area, admin block.

The admin block consists of 6 classes on the 1st floor, hall, staff room, principal office, boardroom, sick room, kitchen, reception, library, computer centre and uniform store.

This phase will be completed before end of 2019, and we move into our new facilities at the beginning of the 2020 school year.

Phase Two
Phase 2

Phase two will involve the building of the preschool house and the sports field. We anticipate this being built and ready by September 2020.

We are in the process of building our sporting facilities. These should be completed by January 2020.

By then we will offer all the familiar school sports, from cricket to soccer and netball   With the new development plans, we will have complete sports facilities that will include a sports field and netball courts.

Phase Three
Phase 3

Phase three will involve the building of the Senior primary house. We anticipate this being built and ready by September 2023 depending on the class capacity.

Phase Four
Phase 4

The remainder of the school will then be cleared, High school house and the swimming pool and the rest of the building will be completed in this Phase four, which should take us through to the end of 2024.

As with all building projects, timelines are unpredictable, but we will do our best to have the entire project completed by December 2024.

When the full facilities are developed, we aim to ensure each child receives a ball skills and swimming lesson every week. The Physical Literacy programme we aim to initiate is developed to ensure all-round skills are taught during the children’s intramural time.

The extramural sports programme will focus on the traditional Preparatory School sports and will be sport specific. We believe that this will enable children to develop their sporting ability in a natural and effective way.

The hall will be a 500-seater, multi-purpose facility that can accommodate indoor sporting activities as well as drama productions and other cultural experiences.